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George Zingali is a drill designer who has worked with many corps such as The Cadets and 27th Lancers. He is famous for his innovative "Z-Pull."

From a Letter from George Oliviero[1]

George's career began as a pre-teen when he marched with the local church band, St. Anthony of Revere. When I was a senior in college, I taught George when his instructor had a medical leave for two months. George's home in Revere is only a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. For years, one of my favorite summertime activities was taking my daily bicycle ride from my home in Everett, through Revere, and ending at what we all called, "the beach". Many times, I would pass George's home and see him and his friends sitting out front or tossing and spinning and practicing. It was his passion from an early age.

When he joined the 27th Lancers as their special drum/baton major, he was an irresistible attraction. He spent his rehearsal hours working his magic as well as following every instructor we had on staff. He was insatiable in his appetite for information about color guard and marching. A few years later, he was writing for the Lancers and his shows were a smash hit in the late 70's and early 80's. He went on to huge success with the Cadets, the Blue Knights and the Star of Indiana.

Some of the moments he created are the stuff of legend and rightly so. The Z-pull and the ending of Star when he manipulated the cross astonish us to this day! In the color guard world, he brought disco to the floor with St. Anthony's of Revere, and gave us magic with Quasar and Emerald Marquis. His contribution was enormous. In fact, his contribution lives to day and IS enormous.

His Mom lives in the same home, continuing to welcome legions of her friends and George's friends. She often sits beneath a portrait of George and one of his wonderful guards. Her kindness and ability to feed anyone who passed through her doors makes our drive extra special.

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