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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (born August 16, 1958) is an American pop singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actress, and author.

Use of Drum Corps techniques

In preparation for her 2004 “Reinvention” world tour, Ms. Ciccone employed a former staff member for the Santa Clara Vanguard's color guard, Allan Dekko, to teach her and seven male dancers to spin rifles for 64 counts of her 1989 song “Express Yourself.”

The Madonna Rumour

A persistent story in the drum corps community is that Madonna Ciccone was a member of the Bluewater Bridgemen of Windsor, Ontario, in her youth. While her biography supports this in that she is said to have grown up in an area of Michigan, close to the border city of Windsor, Ontario, there is, to date, no definite information to indicate her participation in the drum corps activity in her biographies or from fellow marching members.

Her biography in seems to refute her participation in the Bluewater Bridgemen:

"After graduating from Rochester Adams High School in 1976, Madonna received a dance scholarship and attended the University of Michigan. At the encouragement of ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn, Madonna left college after only one semester. She then moved to the Corona, Queens district of New York in 1978 to pursue a dance career." [1]

This would put her in New York in 1977, a year before the apparent name change of the Entertainers to the Bluewater Bridgemen.

Some versions of the story state that she was a member of The Bridgemen, Bayonne, NJ however this has been disputed by marching members of that corps.

The internet database states that she "Marched with the Bridgemen Drum and Bugle Corps", however there is no indication of the source of this information. [2]

The site states that "For a time, Madonna lent her considerable talents to The Bridgemen Drum and Bugle Corps". There are however, no references given in this article.[3]

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