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A line of brass instruments manufactured by Conn-Selmer. In the 1980s they manufactured two-valved bugles pitched in G, a line now discontinued. Their current line of marching brass is in use with many active drum corps.

Ultimate Marching Brass Line

In 2003, King partnered with Phantom Regiment to test out the newly redesigned "Ultimate" series of marching brass products. The current production lineup is as follows:

  • Model 1117 Marching Trumpet
  • Model 1121 Marching Mellophone
  • Model 1122 Marching French Horn
  • Model 1127 Marching Baritone
  • Model 1129 Marching Euphonium
  • Model 1141 Marching Tuba
  • Model 1151 Marching Tuba

For 2006, Phantom Regiment also had the privilege of field-testing a new marching tuba model, dubbed the 1151. Its design has been streamlined for better balance, and this new model also adds a bigger bell (22.5 inches in comparison to the 1141's 19.5" bell).

Corps Using King Ultimate Series

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