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"The Drum Corps International Hall of Fame is where the legends of the drum corps activity are remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on the activity.
"The Hall of Fame began in 1985, with six inductees being enshrined that inaugural year. Every year since, new members have been inducted into this prestigious institution. ..." [1]



Longtime percussion arranger and caption head for the Cadets

Instructor, arranger, adjudicator and show coordinator

Founder and director, Spirit of Atlanta 1976-1993

Director, Anaheim Kingsmen


Longtime arranger, instructor and judge with many different corps.

Director of the Cavaliers; has lead that corps to six DCI World Championships

Groundbreaking color guard instructor with the 27th Lancers, Cadets


Musical director, designer, Toronto Optimists

Instructor, Bridgemen, Spirit of Atlanta and the Cadets; program coordinator/choreographer, Blue Devils

Instructor for the Freelancers, Etobicoke-Oakland Crusaders, Spirit of Atlanta and Blue Devils

Principal dance choreographer, Blue Devils, 1980s.

Brass caption head for the Garfield Cadets, Star of Indiana


Charter member of DCI board of directors, director, Argonne Rebels, 1949-1973.

Visual instructor and designer, the Cavaliers, 1957-1968.


Founder and executive director, Madison Scouts, 1938-1967.

Member, instructor, arranger, program director, the Cavaliers, 1953-1977.

Member, instructor, designer, executive director, Blue Devils, 1974-present

Member, instructor, tour manager, director, Blue Raeders, Blue Stars, Phantom Regiment, Star of Indiana, the Cadets, 1949-present.

Founder and director, Royal Airs, 1958-1968.


Percussion arranger, clinician and consultant

Visual designer and instructor, the Cadets, 1982-present.

Brass arranger and instructor, 27th Lancers 1968-1982. 2000

Director of The Cavaliers 1979-1990.

Percussion composer and arranger.

Percussion instructor, arranger and innovator.


Show consultant and designer.

Developer of adjudication methodology and philosophy.

DCI Judge, 1972-present.


Percussion arranger for the 27th Lancers, 1977-1986.

Percussion arranger and instructor, 1950-1977.

Performer, instructor, judge, contest crew, and DCI office staff, 1931-1999.


Brass arranger and instructor, DCI judge.

Director of the Cadets, 1984-present.

Visual instructor, designer and director, the Blue Devils, 1974-1990.


Visual designer and consultant, DCI television broadcast commentator and consultant.

Brass arranger and instructor.

DCI Judge, 1972-1986.


Percussion arranger and consultant.

Brass instructor for the Argonne Rebels, 1959-1973, DCI judge, 1973-1989.

Brass arranger for the Commodores, Blue Devils and Spirit of Atlanta.


Drill designer and instructor, Phantom Regiment, 1975-1992.

Charter member of the DCI Board of Directors, Director of the Madison Scouts, 1968-1976.

Music arranger for Phantom Regiment, 1968-1996.


Instructor and management with Troopers, 1966-1975, DCI judge, 1976 - present.

Founder and director of the Blue Devils, 1970-1984.

Director of the Madison Scouts, 1977-2002.


Visual designer and instructor, the Cavaliers, 1978-1992.

DCI judge and judge educator.

First DCI public relations director.


Drum Corps Midwest executive director and former Division II & III coordinator.

Judging and DCI contest crew.

Brass arranger and instructor.

Percussion arranger and instructor.

Brass arranger and instructor, Blue Devils, 1974-present.

Brass instructor, Troopers, Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard.

Visual designer and instructor, Blue Rock, 27th Lancers, Cavaliers and Spirit of Atlanta.

Percussion arranger and instructor for the Santa Clara Vanguard, 1968-1980.

Visual designer and instructor, 27th Lancers, Garfield Cadets and Star of Indiana.


Percussion judge and caption head of the DCI Task Force on Judging.

Visual designer and creator of the Bridgmen, Velvet Knights images.

Visual and timing and penalty judge for DCI Championships in the 1970s and 1980s.

A catalyst for DCI Division II & III corps in the 1980s.

DCI administrator.


Visual designer and instructor, Santa Clara Vanguard, 1968-1980.

First DCI recording engineer; Created championship records during the 1970s and 1980s.

Visual judge and instructor; First DCI chief judge in 1972.

Author of the original "Blue Book" of drum corps rules.


DCI judge and executive board advisor.

DCI contest director, 1972-1994.

Father of modern judging; Influenced the development of a standard and uniform system of judging. 1987

Percussion judge, 1958-1976.


Executive director of DCI, 1973-1994.

Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the Santa Clara Vanguard, 1967-1992.


Longtime DCI judges' administrator.

Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the 27th Lancers.

Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the Troopers for 30 years.

Charter member of DCI board of directors; First executive director of Western region for DCI; President of Blue Stars, 1968 – 1980.

Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; First executive director of eastern region for DCI; Member, instructor and director, Garfield Cadets, 1955-1972.

Charter member of DCI Board of Directors. Founder and director of the Cavaliers.

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