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DrumCorpsWiki is a collaborative encyclopedia of all things relating to Drum Corps. The idea is based on the WikiPedia, where thousands of volunteers, mavens, and genuinely crazy people have generated an amazing resource using Wiki technology.

The only way this site can be successful is with your help. Please feel free to contribute to the expansion of this encyclopedia. You can start with making sure a page exists for the Drum Corps with which you are most familiar. Share your knowledge and spread the word to your friends; this has the possibility of being the most comprehensive Drum Corps informational website.

We could also use a new logo.

DrumCorpsWiki was founded by Harlan Landes. You can help defray the cost of hosting this website by donating.

Reverse Timeline

August 18, 2004

An email about DrumCorpsWiki has been sent to about 20 Drum Corps enthusiasts who are (or have been in the last few years) active in online communities, inviting them to visit and contribute while the site is in pre-Phase 1.

August 17, 2004

A similar message introducing DrumCorpsWiki to Drum Corps Planet was posted to that site's bulletin board. The current projection for entering Phase 1 is Monday, August 30.

August 16, 2004

A message asking for pre-Phase 1 contributors and pre-announcing DrumCorpsWiki was posted to a bulletin board hosted by Youth Education in the Arts. More of these messages will be posted on the Internet in the following days.

August 15, 2004

DrumCorpsWiki has been registered and opened, with a major announcement coming soon. The wiki is currently in pre-Phase 1, which means it does not yet contain "enough" information for the casual visitor.


August 23, 2004

Today, we surpassed 100 articles available on the DrumCorpsWiki! At the moment, many of these are still skeleton articles, especially the Drum Corps Ensembles pages. Please fill in the blanks!

Previous Milestones