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Capital Regiment is a junior drum corps based out of Columbus, Ohio.


Capital Regiment first debuted the corps in 1999 placing 10th at the Div. 3 championships that year. At Drum Corps International Championships in 2002, the corps moved up to DCI Division I status.

While in division 3, Capital Regiment has placed: 10th in 1999, 6th in 2000

While in division 2, Capital Regiment has placed: 4th in 2001, 2nd in 2002

While in division 1, Capital Regiment has placed: 17th in 2002, 19th in 2003, 14th in 2004, 15th in 2005

In 2007 the "Board of Trustees of the Capital Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps has decided not to field a competitive corps for the 2007 Drum Corps International Summer Tour".[1]

Capital Regiment



The hornline members can be seen wearing Buddhas on chains around their necks in warmups. Buddhas are given to members toward the end of Pre-Tour camp. The white beads on the Buddha signify how many years a member has marched with the corps.

In 2004, the corps performed "A Celebration of Life: Mind, Body, Spirit" As a result, the Doxology theme was incorporated into a corps song that was sung throughout 2004 and at the beginning of 2005.


On July 12, 2001 the corps was practicing at Huskie Stadium at Northern Illinois University. The coach of the NIU football team ordered the football players to run through the corps, which ended up injuring two corps members. article - Strength Coach Fired, Other Disciplinary Actions Taken[2]

In the summer of 2003, the corps was the last corps to perform at the Normal Il show, before a tornado warning cleared the stadium for safety reasons. The corps performed even though the storm had completely engulfed the stadium by the time they were finished with the show.

In 2005, the color guard bus was hit by the equipment truck of Capital Sound while driving out of the parking lot from the Madison, WI show.

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