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The Boston Crusaders are a junior drum corps based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are members of Drum Corps International and they compete within DCI Division I.


The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps was founded in 1940.


The Crusaders' mission is to provide to its members the finest marching music education available anywhere. Although competitive in nature, the Crusaders see the activity primarily as a learning experience. Emphasis is placed on self-motivation, geared toward individual achievement of common goals. It is an education designed to help members become the best they can be. It can be the education of a lifetime!



Boston's shows historically included a two measure quote from the piece "Conquest:" The number actually dates pre-DCI, I believe started 1970--the first soloist on "Conquest" was Jimmy Centorino. "Conquest" is dear to the hearts of those in the corps. Called the "conquest shots," these eight notes appear in various form throughout the show, though most prevelantly when the entire corps plays them unison at a high dynamic level. Fans of drum corps take this as their cue to fill in the two rests by screaming "HU!"


Fans and alumni of the Boston Crusaders often scream "Eat 'em up, Boston!" before start of a show.


The emblem for the corps is King Richard's (and Lowenbrau's!) split-tailed lion. It represents the spirit of the corps and can be seen on all vehicles in the Crusaders' fleet, the corps jackets/merchandise, as well as in tatoo form on the bodies of many Crusaders. The Crusaders and members of the drum corps community affectionately call him "Waldo."


"This corps is made of Giants, we will never die. For we are Crusaders, true blue Crusaders. We are Crusaders, corps we love, corps we love." This is the song the crusaders sing before they go onto the field. While on the field they play the music that goes to this song as on on field warm-up.


The corps is commonly called the "B.A.C."

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