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Welcome to DrumCorpsWiki

Welcome to DrumCorpsWiki! We are building an open-content encyclopedia of Drum Corps information. Currently, there are 1,580 pages in our database. Over time, this site should become a wonderful resource, but that can happen only with your help!

We Need Your Knowledge! Please feel free to edit DrumCorpsWiki as you see fit. If you have the inclination, a new logo would be nice. We need general Drum Corps information, histories of the corps, and bios of personalities. More at the Community Portal.

Create a user account (or log in if you already have an account) and begin adding links and creating pages. Every visitor is encouraged to contribute a little of what they know, but please read these guidelines before contributing and feel free to experiment in the sandbox. Be sure to confirm your email address in order to edit pages efficiently.

If you are new to the Drum Corps activity, maybe you are wondering: What is Drum Corps? If you are not new to Drum Corps, feel free to add your knowledge to the compendium. Add or edit any information as you see fit!

Starting Points

Drum Corps Ensembles

Junior Drum CorpsDCI World ClassDCI Open ClassSenior Drum CorpsAlumni Drum CorpsOther Drum CorpsInactive Drum Corps

Drum Corps-Related Organizations

American Legion (AL) — Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) — Drum Corps International (DCI) — Drum Corps Associates (DCA) — Red Carpet Association (RCA) — Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK)


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